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Brad B.
2011-04-25, 00:00
I was a previous employee of Professional petsitting and I can attest to the level of professionalism and care for the business by Dori (owner) .This is not a temporary business. It is well grounded and very well run to details and concern for the clients. I was well trained and I was thoroughly background checked and equally as important was hired because of my love for helping the clients pets....
Heidi, the dog
1998-04-27, 00:00
Through the years when Mommy and Mr. Dan would go away on weekends or on vacation, Dori or one of her pet sitters would come and care for me. I have always been very independent - even as a puppy I was never very "friendly" - and this only increased as I got older. But they always took such great care of me, leaving notes for each visit describing how I reacted to them, how I ate, where I was, etc...

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